A Self-Employed, Self-Imposed Life to Love Living

It’s January, and a fresh new year lies ahead.

Ahhhh, it’s that time of year when we’re all inspired to examine our lives and consider what we want to create more of, and in turn, what we want to let go of.

Since 2005, I have spent the majority of my time working independently as an entrepreneur, having taken a year off to work as an employee on two separate occasions, and at another time, I took eight months off to travel.

Looking back over the last decade, and the time I’ve put into freelancing and working for myself, I’ve discovered that I’ve had complete freedom of creating my own schedule. In other words, I am the one in charge of just how much time I spend on the things that produce income and the things that do not.

We’ve all heard of following the 80/20-rule as an entrepreneur to maximize productivity and profitability, right? It basically demonstrates that 20 percent of our efforts produce 80 percent of our financial rewards.

As an entrepreneur, practitioner or business owner, there are more than likely a few activities we do each week that generate our revenue. And, we can’t deny that money plays an essential role in our quality of life. Plus, the amount of money we have is impacted by the 80/20-rule.

So of course, as an entrepreneur wanting to experience ever-increasing prosperity in my life and business, my initial response to the 80/20-rule was to focus more of my time and energy on that “20 percent” of activities that produced income. I was literally locking myself in my office, declining social invitations, avoiding time with my family and friends, and working right through the weekend.

And then, it hit me…

If I’m the one creating the life I want, is this what it is? Is this what it looks like? Am I working seven days a week with just enough time to eat, sleep and exercise?
I had it all backwards!
If I truly have the freedom to create the life I love…and I do, then why not do just that?!
Why not create my business around the life I want to be living?
So, that’s exactly what I did. And, that’s exactly what you can do too. Start by listing your priorities.
What’s most important to you in the life you’re creating?
Perhaps you want eight hours of sleep every night, to exercise an hour each day, or to be avail-able when your kids get home from school.
Maybe you want to meditate or have breakfast with your partner each morning.
Whatever it is, trust in it’s importance. Know that in honoring the things that “fuel” your life, will in turn “fuel” your business and prosperity.
If we are feeling rested, fulfilled and connected to our loved ones, we are more likely to succeed in business.

This is how we create balance in our life.
This is how we thrive.We first make time for what truly matters –what we love to do when we’re not working. Then, we design our business around that.How will that look for you?
What are your new business hours?
What days of the week are you working?
What days are you taking off?
Do you have a month for travel?
A week for you?
Think about it.
Take your time.
Write it down.
Design a life you love to live!
It’s your life. It’s worth your time. And, so are you!