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My Story


For more than two decades, I have been lead by my interest in human behavior, spirituality and wellness. Having been driven by my inner yearning to increase my knowledge and education in this field, I obtained a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Northern Arizona University, a master’s degree in spiritual psychology from the University of Santa Monica, and 6-months of professional training in soul-centered coaching.

I greet each day as a student of life, appreciating the unlimited opportunities to always learn more. Every day brings new experiences to broaden my awareness as I devote my time to ongoing education, training and mindful lifestyle principles, including a daily meditation practice, yoga and a plant-based diet.

Before I got to where I am today, I spent several years focused on the service and wellbeing of others. Much of my life has been as a social work and behavioral health professional with roles as youth advocate, treatment counselor, probation officer and life coach. Eventually, I realized that although I was being of service and making a difference in the lives of many, I felt depleted and disconnected.

Something was missing.

In time, I discovered that I had developed the pattern of ignoring my own needs, and of ultimately abandoning myself in detrimental ways. I was habitually attracting co-dependent relationships, and commonly said yes when I wanted to say no and no when I wanted to say yes, all in an effort to keep the peace or to make someone else happy.

After being jolted at a yearly doctor’s appointment by an abnormal test result and detection of pre-cancerous cells, I was alone in my car, sobbing in a parking lot. I knew right then, I needed help.

So, I had surgery, joined a yoga class, hired a life coach and completely turned my world upside-down. Once I finally let go of my resistance, I was willing to see myself as (according to the text books) a bona fide co-dependent.

It was a painful discovery, followed by a heart-wrenching divorce and the selling of a dreamy little bungalow in city that I loved, leaving my long-held job, and moving away from friends that I considered family.

And, this was just the beginning.

I would spend the next few years diving even deeper into the realms of my psyche and inner spiritual abyss through metaphysical coaching and workshops, a two-year spiritual psychology program, world travel and therapy. After more heartbreak, awakenings and yet another physical illness, I kept tugging at the strings my life, unknowingly initiating a complete unraveling of my identity.

At one point, I spent several months traveling throughout the U.S. and parts of Southeast Asia. I set out with the commitment to truly follow my heart while exploring spiritual places and practices, and deepening in my own divine connection. I was convinced that this last move would bring the answers to all my remaining sacred questions, and finally fill the hole that remained in my heart.

Eventually, I learned the answer.

What I had been so diligently seeking outside myself, was love. Love that I had been carrying within me all along. The love I kept so deeply hidden from myself. The love inside my heart cloaked somewhere behind that metaphorical hole.

It was when I added daily meditation to my practice, that something began to shift within me. It was like the missing piece to the puzzle of my soul. I finally began to truly see myself, feel myself and experience myself. It was then, I began to fall in love.


Suddenly it all made perfect sense. The self-abandonment, the co-dependent relationships, the physical illnesses and feelings of disconnect. They were all reflections of the relationship I had with myself.

The sad truth was that I had never really loved myself. Therefore, how could I possibly allow myself to experience true love from any outside source? No wonder I was searching. All this time, I was so naive, mistakingly looking in the wrong direction.

I was seeking outside for what can only be found within.

With a fiery wanderlust still alive in my soul, and a heart overflowing with self-love, I currently reside in Southern California. I actively share my firsthand knowledge in the transformational effects of self-love and a life devoted to meditation and trusting in the wisdom of the heart. I now augment my professional skills with a deepened personal experience to further enhance my coaching practice and programs.

I still passionately believe in the power of a life of loving service, given that the service emanates from the empowering place of loving oneself first. I trust immensely in the wisdom of the heart and in surrendering to the divine. I now confide the richness and balance of my life to self-love and my favorite self-loving acts of meditation, yoga, cycling, hiking, nature, sisterhood, laughter, gratitude, travel, organic produce and more love.