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The Art of Letting In & Letting Go

Could life simply be a series of events of either taking in or letting out, inhaling or exhaling, giving or receiving? Allowing ourselves to receive and conversely, allowing ourselves to release is a natural ebb and flow – or is it?

Take a moment to witness the seamless flow in nature, as vibrant grasses give life to the rabbit, whose death gives way to the nourishment of the coyote, whose excrement enhances the soil that then provides sustenance for the grasses…or the hummingbird who gracefully flies from flower to flower sipping sweet nectar while simultaneously pollinating the plants.

The natural world provides a virtually endless display of life and death, give and take. It all hap-pens so effortlessly and so impeccably in the wild and yet in our own lives, we can find ourselves occasionally fraught within this normal course of action.

I think it’s safe to say, we’ve all been known at one time or another to resist receiving, be it a generous gift from a loved one, assistance from a friend or even a complement from a stranger.

What is it that keeps us from receiving? And, on the other hand, what keeps us from letting go?

Truly, both acts are vital parts of an organic process and in some cases; one action must take place before the other can occur. Think back to the previous examples in nature, why would it be any different for us?

Recently, I personally faced a challenge of the latter…letting go. This reflection brings to mind an eloquent quote from the Buddha:

“In the end, only three things matter; how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how grace-fully you let go of things not meant for you.”

I feel grace opens the door to the effortlessness available to us when we make the choice to live gently and love freely. To me, allowing ourselves to love and be loved is a delicate balance of giving, receiving and letting go…and living gently is merely our willingness to allow this natural flow.

I wonder if we all knew this, I mean really understood it, would we be more apt to unreservedly take what is given or offered to us?

Would we generously share of our hearts and our possessions without hesitation, and fearlessly let go of what we no longer need or what is not meant for us?
What if we absolutely knew that once we let something go, it would be benevolently replaced with something of equal or greater value, and that’s if and only if we’re willing to receive it.

Who do we think we are to interrupt the flow of nature?

Why would we choose to do such a thing?

Would you really want to stop a flower from blooming?

In terms of letting go, how do you know when it’s time to let something go? How do you know that something has run its course, served its purpose, danced its dance? Is it a churning in your gut, an aching in your heart or a clear, inner knowing?

Regardless, I’m fairly certain we’ve all experienced a manifestation of this feeling at one time or another. We know when it’s time to release something, whether it’s a job, a relationship, an un-healthy habit or a pair of jeans.

However, we don’t always do so immediately or gracefully. Fear and doubt can often creep in and we consequently find ourselves frozen in our tracks and clinging to the very thing we know we must let go of.

How do we get passed this? What do we do in order to keep ourselves from clinging, from freezing, from interrupting the natural flow?

As far as I can tell, there’s only one way…let go !

No matter how scary, how paralyzing, how nerve-wracking –– just do it! Perhaps, if you’re out of practice, you can start with small things, like that pair of jeans and then work up to that pesky habit.

Pretty soon, you realize that letting go isn’t going to kill you. As a matter of fact, it may actually give you a new life.

Have you ever cleaned out your closet or the trunk of your car? Do you remember a light, re-freshing feeling associated with the completion of that act? Did you feel energized?

What if you make it a habit to let go of something as soon as you recognize it is no longer serving your highest good? What if you allowed this to be your instinctive response? How would that feel? What would your life look like?

Take a moment to contemplate the reality of this: “You will never get what you really want, as long as you choose to settle for less.”

Perhaps we each come with this knowledge, and it’s because of this knowledge that we receive the cues informing us of when it’s time to move on. Along with that knowledge, there are choic-es. One choice is to cling, ignore the feelings and the urges and allow fear to get the best of us. This is where we just close our eyes and settle in away from the risk of letting go.

The other choice is to step out of our comfort zone, to jump into the unknown and set ourselves free to experience what else might be in store for us. This is where we open up the space for something different –– out with the old and in with the new –– allowing in the endless possibilities, allowing ourselves to receive and be part of the natural flow.

What do we have to lose? Maybe only what’s really meant for us. In the end, we’re all in this together. Just like the rabbit, the coyote, the soil and the tree.

So, let’s go … 1 … 2 … 3 … let go !

A Self-Employed, Self-Imposed Life to Love Living

It’s January, and a fresh new year lies ahead.

Ahhhh, it’s that time of year when we’re all inspired to examine our lives and consider what we want to create more of, and in turn, what we want to let go of.

Since 2005, I have spent the majority of my time working independently as an entrepreneur, having taken a year off to work as an employee on two separate occasions, and at another time, I took eight months off to travel.

Looking back over the last decade, and the time I’ve put into freelancing and working for myself, I’ve discovered that I’ve had complete freedom of creating my own schedule. In other words, I am the one in charge of just how much time I spend on the things that produce income and the things that do not.

We’ve all heard of following the 80/20-rule as an entrepreneur to maximize productivity and profitability, right? It basically demonstrates that 20 percent of our efforts produce 80 percent of our financial rewards.

As an entrepreneur, practitioner or business owner, there are more than likely a few activities we do each week that generate our revenue. And, we can’t deny that money plays an essential role in our quality of life. Plus, the amount of money we have is impacted by the 80/20-rule.

So of course, as an entrepreneur wanting to experience ever-increasing prosperity in my life and business, my initial response to the 80/20-rule was to focus more of my time and energy on that “20 percent” of activities that produced income. I was literally locking myself in my office, declining social invitations, avoiding time with my family and friends, and working right through the weekend.

And then, it hit me…

If I’m the one creating the life I want, is this what it is? Is this what it looks like? Am I working seven days a week with just enough time to eat, sleep and exercise?
I had it all backwards!
If I truly have the freedom to create the life I love…and I do, then why not do just that?!
Why not create my business around the life I want to be living?
So, that’s exactly what I did. And, that’s exactly what you can do too. Start by listing your priorities.
What’s most important to you in the life you’re creating?
Perhaps you want eight hours of sleep every night, to exercise an hour each day, or to be avail-able when your kids get home from school.
Maybe you want to meditate or have breakfast with your partner each morning.
Whatever it is, trust in it’s importance. Know that in honoring the things that “fuel” your life, will in turn “fuel” your business and prosperity.
If we are feeling rested, fulfilled and connected to our loved ones, we are more likely to succeed in business.

This is how we create balance in our life.
This is how we thrive.We first make time for what truly matters –what we love to do when we’re not working. Then, we design our business around that.How will that look for you?
What are your new business hours?
What days of the week are you working?
What days are you taking off?
Do you have a month for travel?
A week for you?
Think about it.
Take your time.
Write it down.
Design a life you love to live!
It’s your life. It’s worth your time. And, so are you!


Eight Easy Tips for Creating a Spiritual Lifestyle

I’ve heard it a lot from people who lead active, busy lives, and it goes a little something like this…
“I just don’t have time to fit a spiritual practice into my life.”
Well, the good news is, you do!

There may be some shared beliefs around what a spiritual practice looks like and whatever that is, it takes a lot of extra time or long hours of devotion.If you find yourself in this predicament, here’s a new truth for you…a spiritual practice doesn’t require more time, it’s simply a “higher” use of the time you already have. Right now, you can take a deep breath, relax and release the story that you don’t have enough time or energy to deepen your spirituality, experience inner peace or create the life you desire.

When you consciously choose to make better use of the time you already have, you are re-warded with seemingly more time and even more energy!
Since this appears to be a common concern for a lot of us, I’ve decided to pull together a few tips I’ve shared with my clients to help in transforming life itself into a spiritual practice.

Consciously seek out ways to inspire yourself + nurture your inner peace throughout the day. Choose to listen to relaxing music in your home and office. During your commute, swap talk radio or the the 80’s on 8 with uplifting kirtan, recorded spiritual teachings or spirt-based self-help audiobooks. When deciding what to do for the weekend, forgo the cinema or the ballgame for a meditation group, a spirit-based workshop, a service at a local spiritual center or a class at a nearby yoga studio.

Consider substituting “mindless” activities with more nurturing actsof self-care. At the end of a busy day, instead of watching network television, reading gossip magazines or scrolling through Facebook; shift to reading spiritual texts or inspirational writings, journaling, taking a hot bath or meditating.

Take a moment to create personal affirmations. Place them on your bathroom mirror, in your bedroom, on your refrigerator, in your car and in your office. Affirmations are positive phrases of loving wisdom written from your heart in the present tense, starting with “I am…”. Use them to remind yourself of your inner strength, courage, wisdom, limitlessness and beauty as well as to re-train your subconscious mind into becoming your own “best” and most “reliable” spiritual teacher. For example: I am gracefully and easily integrating greater spirituality into my life, I am experiencing deep inner peace as I joyfully witness my life itself transform into a spiri-tual practice.
Turn your home into a spiritual sanctuary. If you share your home with others, enlist your family, partner or roommate(s) in the creation of a divine dwelling. Express your thoughts and ask for their ideas in what would help foster a more peaceful environment. If you have your own place, go wild! Either way, be certain to consider all of what inspires a sacred space. Clear excess clutter, keep things clean and tidy, allow for plenty of sunlight, live plants and fresh air. Throughout your home add candles, incense, statues, carvings, crystals and other items that evoke and enhance your feelings of spiritual connection. Contemplate the creation of a personal alter – include pictures of loved ones, spiritual masters, places that bring you peace and joy, art and spiritual relics, etc.

Stop, Drop and Pray! Slow down and allow yourself to really see the beauty, miracles and abundance that surround you throughout your day. Notice nature wherever you are and receive it as a gift from the Universe just for you. Be grateful for every meal, for every bite – take a mo-ment before you devour the decadence on your plate to bless your food and remember each soul that took part in making the nourishment available to you. Say a silent prayer of thanks. It’s spirituality on the go! You don’t need an extra hand or pocket or even to stop what you’re doing…you can do it a hundred times a day while multitasking and it doesn’t cost a dime!

Set bedtime intentions each night before going to sleep. Pray for assistance with desired outcomes for the following day. As you close your eyes, release unwanted worry, stress or ten-sion over to your higher power – ask that all that is unnecessary be cleared as you sleep. If wanting clarity or a fresh perspective around something, ask that it be brought it to you in your dreams or as you awaken. Give it over to God! Think about it, we can probably trust that the power that holds the planets in alignment and created your eye balls that are reading this just might have a better way of handling your issue…

Take pause + breathe deeply. Give yourself what you need to stay grounded during times when your inner peace is challenged – a traffic jam, a disgruntled employee, co-worker or client, a long line at the grocery store, etc. Use these times to honor yourself and your “centered” posi-tion. Stay within yourself and refrain from moving into knee-jerk responses of anger, disap-pointment or frustration. Take a deep breath in while setting the intention to inhale, love, peace, gratitude and light. Fill your lungs completely and follow with a powerful, purposeful exhale re-leasing all negativity, defeating thoughts, beliefs, energy etc. Do it as many times as necessary to lift you out of the heaviness and into a lighter place with conscious clarity and intention.

Insert a mini-meditation practice into your day. Explaining the profound benefits of medita-tion to someone who has never meditated or never meditated with regularity, is a bit like de-scribing chocolate to someone who has never had it. It’s sweet, it’s bitter and once you’ve tasted it, life will never be the same! That’s truly how I feel about meditation. And, by simply reserving a mere 10 minutes a day for this practice will quite possibly change your life forever. I once heard Deepak Chopra say he recommends that everyone meditate at least once a day, and for those who say they don’t have time, he recommends twice a day. Read my post here for more meditation ideas and inspiration.

Step by step you can gently and gradually begin to integrate some of these simple exercises into your daily life and before you know it, you’ll have created a spiritual lifestyle.
Here’s to your greater inner peace and deepened spiritual connection!


“G” is for Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving! The one day of the year specifically dedicated to giving thanks.

Yay gratitude!

I’ve got an idea! How about we celebrate our deepest appreciation every day of the year!
Thanksgiving…what a perfect day to start!

So let’s do this! Let’s give thanks from the bottom of our hearts. Let’s reach deep and think of everyone and everything we have to be thankful for. Let’s continue by creating new, fun and ex-citing ways we can show our admiration!

Let’s get wildly grateful!

Here’s a little something I know for sure, as you choose to see life through the eyes of gratitude, foster “gratitude awareness” and adopt an Attitude of Gratitude, you will soon realize unlimited possibilities for love and miracles in your life.

While traveling in Indonesia, I was sincerely moved by the gratitude traditions of the Balinese people. They present offerings three times a day, expressing thanks for life and everything and everyone in it. The realization of unlimited possibilities, love and miracles is precisely my expe-rience of the Hindu community in Ubud, Bali. They were truly the most friendly, joyful, smiley, loving and respectful population I have ever come across.

They taught me that when you commit to having gratitude as your primary emotion, you’ll natu-rally encounter a profound shift in perspective. You’ll begin to see each daily occurrence as a gift from God — especially for you! You’ll start to experience your life as an extraordinary journey. You will witness beauty everywhere and allow your heart to remain open and look into the eyes of everyone you meet.

Got gratitude?

If you’re looking for some fresh ideas, I’ve listed a few ways you can boost the experience of gratitude in your own life…this Thanksgiving and beyond:

Express Your Gratitude: While sitting around the Thanksgiving table, inspire each person to openly declare what they’re most thankful for. Encourage them to highlight the most meaningful aspects of their life and notice their blessings – both big and small.
If you can’t be physically with your loved ones…call them! Let them hear the love in your voice. Sure, a sweet text message on Thanksgiving is lovely however, this is heart-felt gratitude we’re talking about!
Continue riding this wave of gratitude out into the world to include your barista, grocery clerk, hair stylist, etc. Take time to genuinely thank those who love and support you in their own spe-cial way.

Make it a habit to write thank you notes.

If in a partnership, before you fall asleep at night, take turns sharing everything you love and appreciate about one another. (Disclaimer: studies show that committing to this practice of ado-ration can be profoundly transformational ♥)

Keep a Gratitude Journal: At the end of each day, slow down and take inventory of everything you’re truly grateful for.

Count your blessings.

Take a moment to look around you to really receive your blessings – your loved ones, your favo-rite chair, your coffee cup, your pet, fresh drinking water, the pillows on your bed, your ability to read this.

Review your experience of the day — perhaps it’s a surprise call or message from a friend, a kind word from a loved one, unexpected assistance from a stranger, a sunny day, a smile or a complement. Open up and begin to recognize the little gifts … they’re everywhere!

Observe Daily Miracles: On Thanksgiving and always, be grateful for each and every feast, for every bite. Take time to bless your food and each soul that took part in making your bountiful nourishment available for you to enjoy.

Allow yourself to take in all the beauty and abundance surrounding you.

Be mindful of the breath filling your lungs and be thankful for the clean, clear oxygen that nou-rishes every cell in your body.

Notice nature; the singing birds, the towering trees, the sunset and the fresh breeze. Take it all in as a generous offering from God – the creator of our magnificent universe, just for you!

Be the Gratitude You Wish to See: Be the light in your life. Give graciously to everyone you meet; be it a smile, eye contact, a complement, a silent blessing or a warm greeting. The great-est gift you can give to anyone is your loving kindness. Know that when you live from a place of love and gratitude, everything good is drawn to you.

Keep Your Heart Open to Receive: Stay open to let in all the joy, love and gratitude around you. Allow yourself to fully experience the abundant gifts life is offering to you in each moment.

Laugh out loud.

Notice if you feel any resistance and let it go.

Trust that the more you receive, the more you have to give!

“G” is for Gratitude!

Give me what you’ve got…I would absolutely LOVE to hear your ideas for ways of wildly ex-pressing your gratitude!

Wishing you and your loved ones the happiest and grateful-est of Thanksgivings!

In loving appreciation and wild gratitude,

You Always Have Everything You Want

Wait a minute!

How could that be?

You might ask…

“What about the new car?”

“I don’t have that.”

“…or, the fat bank account?”

“I don’t have that either.”

“And, what about the debt, or the few extra pounds I’m carrying?”

“Clearly, I don’t want either of those!”

Well, I’m here to tell you, that clearly, you do.

Otherwise, you wouldn’t have them.

And, on the flip side, if you really wanted that new car and that fat bank account, you would have them in your life right now.

I have to admit, the first time my coach introduced me to this concept, I found it a bit hard to swallow.

Then, upon further inquiry, I found the idea empowering and ultimately transformational.

Fully accepting this idea as reality, completely opened me up to the possibility of an even deeper examination of my life.

I first tried it on with a game of “what if”…

What if it’s true?

What if I do have everything I want, right now?

And, I mean everything … the good and the wonderful, as well as the irritating and the annoying.

I want it all!

And, those things I think I want. Well, turns out, I really don’t want them!

But, wait a minute! I really do want them, and I don’t want some of these other things!

So, I started looking deeper into what’s keeping the things I (I think) I want from coming into my life, and conversely, what’s keeping the things (I think) I don’t want, in my life.

Well, I’ll tell you what I came up with … that would be me!

You see, what we often have running in our lives is “contradicting intentions” and one intention tends to cancel out the other one.

Once we get absolutely clear on what we truly want in our lives, we can then take time to identify the intentions that may contradict or cancel out our efforts in which to create it.

Below, is an abbreviated version of a practice I use regularly with my coaching clients. I invite you to try it on for yourself:

First, identify what your ideal life looks like and write it down.

Second, write down what your life looks like today.

Third, identify what’s in the way of you having that “ideal life”.

The third step is the one that can get a little tricky. This is where you really want to do some ex-cavating. Look into your emotional ties to where your life is now. Is there a way of being that you’ve become comfortable with? Even if you think you’re sick of something (let’s use debt as an example) why do you think you still have it?

Check in to see if you have any limiting beliefs or judgments about people who have a lot of money, or what will it mean if you’re debt free? How is debt serving you now?

Really delve in. Find out why you have it and how it is serving you.

Is it keeping you safe? Is it protecting you from stepping outside your comfort zone? Are you so accustomed to it that you might even be addicted to it?

Check in. Get honest.

Do this for each and every aspect of your current life that you no longer want, and then do it for the things you don’t have, that you do want.

Find out what you might be afraid of, if you have the things you say you want.
A new job. That high-paying client. A perfect life partner. A new car. Your own house. A fit body.
Whatever it is for you.

Examine it thoroughly, and find out what’s really keeping you from what you truly want.
Identify those stale, limiting beliefs and update them! Refresh them into an empowering truth, so they’re no longer keeping you away from the life you’re meant to be living.

For example, some limiting beliefs might be: “I’ll have to work so hard to get out of debt” or “I’ll always be in debt” or “Living debt-free is impossible”

An empowering truth might be: “Getting out of debt is effortless and easy” or “If I choose to be, I can be debt-free” or “Living debt-free is for me”

Empower yourself.

Update your beliefs into positive statements to inspire yourself, and you will completely shift the trajectory of your life.

Keep in mind, these beliefs can be completely unconscious and will take some honest explora-tion to discover. These beliefs have often been with us since childhood. Take your time.

Understand this requires your willingness to admit YOU (and your beliefs) ARE THE REASON!

And, the only reason why you don’t have what you say you want in your life right now.
Having limiting and restricting beliefs about your current situation are only going to keep you in it.

After you realize this, you can start showing up differently with yourself and start taking positive steps toward creating your ideal life.

You’ll now be open to allowing it in.

All of it!

It’s all here. Just waiting for YOU!

A Trick to Treating Yourself Better

In light of all the pumpkins, haunted houses, candy-coated confections and parades of “spook-tacular trick-or-treaters”…I have a little Halloween surprise for you!

It’s a trick, that when successfully implemented into your daily life will turn into an absolute treat for you and quite possibly everyone you know:

Be Mindful of Your Inner Dialogue

How do you talk to yourself? Are you kind and patient? Do you treat yourself with respect, the same way you would treat a treasured friend or loved-one?

Did you know the conversations we have with ourselves have a direct effect on our self-esteem, self-love and the depth in which we connect with others?

Also, if we foster the habit of being kind to ourselves, we are more likely compassionate with others and are less apt to say things we may later regret.
Several years ago, I completed a graduate program in spiritual psychology. As part of the curri-culum, I was required to keep a daily journal of my thought patterns. One pattern I quickly rec-ognized was one of being extremely hard on myself. I immediately noticed a deeply ingrained habit of “negative self-talk” and realized that I was rather cruel to myself.
It wasn’t until I stopped to consciously listen that I discovered actual verbal abuse going on in my head.

Try it for yourself. Slow down and observe the conversations going on in your mind. Stay neutral and just watch. Please refrain from judging yourself. Remember this is simply a lesson in the practice of learning to treat yourself better, not in developing more ways to put yourself down.
Notice what you say to yourself when you make a mistake? What are the words going through your mind as you look into a mirror?

As you look closer, you may notice yourself repeating phrases you learned from others. Perhaps you heard things at home while growing up or in school from your teachers and friends or later from bosses and co-workers.

Many of us have adopted unfavorable beliefs and thought patterns from people we may have admired or looked up to. Most likely, the majority of these people meant well as they shared their own “negative self-talk” with us.

You may recognize that some of what you’ve been taught is no longer in alignment with the life you now want to live. You may determine that it’s simply time for a little software update.

Few are aware of the magnitude and power that the words we choose have on the quality of our daily existence.

Did you know that scientific studies have shown that our language (the words we choose to ex-press ourselves) actually paves pathways in our brains? And both our thoughts and words inter-changeably effect one other?

What this means is that if you are consistently speaking negatively, you will in turn have negative thoughts and visa versa. What’s more, you will be carving “negative” thought pathways in your brain and therefore cultivate an overall negative view of your world.

Have you ever met someone who is constantly complaining? They continually point out how hard life is and how everything basically sucks? They seem to hate their job, their spouse and even themselves. What do you think a day in their head would be like?

Well, the great news is, you don’t have to spend a day in their head. However, you do have to spend everyday in yours! So how about it? Are you ready to treat yourself to a loving little soft-ware update?

Many of us have adopted unfavorable beliefs and thought patterns from people we may have admired or looked up to. Most likely, the majority of these people meant well as they shared their own “negative self-talk” with us.

You may recognize that some of what you’ve been taught is no longer in alignment with the life you now want to live. You may determine that it’s simply time for a little software update.

Few are aware of the magnitude and power that the words we choose have on the quality of our daily existence.

Did you know that scientific studies have shown that our language (the words we choose to ex-press ourselves) actually paves pathways in our brains? And both our thoughts and words inter-changeably effect one other?

What this means is that if you are consistently speaking negatively, you will in turn have negative thoughts and visa versa. What’s more, you will be carving “negative” thought pathways in your brain and therefore cultivate an overall negative view of your world.

Have you ever met someone who is constantly complaining? They continually point out how hard life is and how everything basically sucks? They seem to hate their job, their spouse and even themselves. What do you think a day in their head would be like?

Well, the great news is, you don’t have to spend a day in their head. However, you do have to spend everyday in yours! So how about it? Are you ready to treat yourself to a loving little soft-ware update?

If so, here are some ways to help you in the process:

1. Slow down and become conscious of your inner dialogue.

2. Make a note of what you notice at the end of each day in a journal. Refrain from self-judgement.

3. Take what’s negative and turn it around. Use gratitude to reframe your pessimistic thoughts and become aware of all the gifts of love and support that have always been in your life.

4. Be gentle and compassionate with yourself. Understand that this is new and it may take time to change these deeply engrained patterns. Remember, they took years to learn and they may take years to unlearn.

5. Stick with it. Honor yourself. You deserve to be happy and with a committed practice you can turn that bully in your head into your very best friend. Keep in mind that you are more likely to expand and thrive in a loving, supportive environment than you are with judgement and criticism.

6. Pay attention to the word “try” and consider removing it from your vocabulary – it’s quite em-powering! Also phrases like “need to”, “have to” or “should have”… as they tend to carry stressful and shameful energies.

7. Develop ways to be gentle, compassionate and patient with yourself. When you notice a sharp tone coming from within, stop and take a deep breath. Exhale and start again with love.

Treat yourself to loving words and just like a magic trick, your world will transform!

Happy Halloween!

Ten Tips of How to Fall in Love with Yourself

What is it that makes us fall in love? I did a little research on the subject and found these to be some of the top reasons:

♥ Geographical Proximity
♥ Similarity in Attitude, Background + Personality
♥ Reciprocal Affection
♥ Mystery of the Person
♥ That Lovin’ Feelin’
♥ Plus, based on psychological studies, we all have an innate desire to expand beyond our-selves.

There may be some who view the concept of falling in love with yourself as odd or perhaps ego-tistical or selfish. I view it a bit differently.

Let’s just consider our desire to expand beyond ourselves. Wouldn’t improving the relationship with ourselves or ideally falling in love with ourselves be expanding beyond where we are right now?

I would say yes! Absolutely! So, now that we all agree on that, we can check that box and move on.

Let’s continue with the obvious, geographical proximity…check!

Similarity in attitude, background and personality…check! check! check!

In terms of reciprocal affection, imagine how your most favorite people in your life treat you. They listen to you, they see you, they remember your birthday + they tell you (OFTEN!) how wonderful you are. Now, it’s your turn!

Mystery and that ‘lovin’ feelin’’…we get that too! Continue reading below and prepare yourself to fall madly in love:

1 Treat yourself to a relaxing bath. Create the scene that you would create for someone you adore. Light a candle (or eight!), use your favorite essential oil or bubble bath, play soft music from your favorite genre (you know the one!) Relaaaaax and enjoy!

2 Gaze into your eyes. This technique works best in front of a mirror (haha) and often right after a calming bath, shower or massage. If there’s steam, wipe it off. Then lean in, take a deep breath, exhale and look deeply into your eyes. Continue playing soft music and really take the time to see yourself. Smile. Connect with yourself. Tell yourself “I love you” and any other words of adoration. This can be transformational. Allow it. Trust it. Enjoy it. And fall in love….

3 Buy yourself flowers. Yes, you! Your favorite blooms, and perhaps two bouquets so you can have one at your dinner table and one at your bed stand…to consistently remind you that you are special and loved…a lot!

4 Treat yourself to a massage. If you don’t receive regular massages, now is the time to start. You’re so much easier to love when you’re relaxed. If you already get massages, good for you! You get to add on that extra reflexology you’ve always wanted or get a 90 minute instead of the usual 60. Mmmmwah!

5 Write yourself a love note. Take a moment to write in your journal, in a card or on a piece of stationary. Write all the things you really love about yourself in true “love letter fashion”. Gush about the brave moments that you surprised yourself and for kicking that bad habit, sticking to that commitment or asking for that raise. Swoon over how you are with your children, friends, family, partner, clients or co-workers. Express your deep ap-preciation for how generously you give of your time, energy, spirit and love.

6 Write it in lipstick. In big, beautiful letters on your vanity mirror… I LOVE YOU! YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL! YOU ROCK MY WORLD! Or what ever you would love to read each time you switch on the light! You know just the thing to say – remember the hearts and extra explanation points!!!! And, if you’re slightly lipstick shy or simply fresh out (it’s okay guys!) A few lovely written sticky notes will do the trick!

7 Take yourself on a romantic date. And of course, if you have someone special, invite them along! Dress up. Get sexy. Go to your favorite restaurant. See your favorite show. Go dancing. Take a stroll in the park or down that quaint little street. Drive away from the city lights and have a picnic under the stars. Go wild and surprise yourself with your romance, creativity and chivalry.

8 Meditate. Scientific research has proven that regular mediation activates the same neu-rochemical mechanisms (the dopamine reward center) in our brains as does falling in love, eating chocolate and even sex. Viola! You’ve got that lovin’ feelin’!

9 Do that one thing. You know the thing you love so much or that thing you’ve been wanting to do FOR-like-EVER! I don’t know…YOU DO! So do it! You love it and you love yourself and so now is the time to just do it. Please!

10 Awaken the mystery. Take the time to explore your inner world. Finally read that com-pelling book or spiritual text that you’ve been putting off. Take that meditation class or self-realization workshop. Ask yourself questions about your deepest fears and desires. Journal. Find out more about your limitless Self. You are mysterious, you are a miracle and YOU ARE the LOVE you seek. It’s within you. It’s your life energy. Always has been. Always will be. Discover it. Awaken to it. Fall into it! L O V E!

In Realization of Limitless Self-Love,

Is Want a Four-Letter Word

What do you want? I mean really really want? How do you feel about it?

Let’s take a moment to check in with that, shall we?

When you think about what you want, do you feel any sense of guilt?

Do you feel like you deserve it?

Do you feel like maybe you “shouldn’t” want or desire something? Or anything for that matter?

What is your relationship with your deepest desires?

If any of the inner responses mentioned above resonate with you, please allow me to shed a
fresh new light on the topic of desire…

Think about it, what drives you to move in your life?

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Is it a craving for a hearty breakfast or smoothie or hot caffeinated beverage?

Catching the sunrise, your favorite yoga class or even a refreshing shower?

Or you just want to pay your bills, so you get up to go to work.

Regardless, it’s often a “want” that get’s us out of bed.

Let’s take it a step further…

You “want” a better job, so you get an education or apply for a new position
You “want” to get into shape, so you start watching what you eat and begin an exercise program
You “want” to travel, so you save up your money and plan a trip
You “want” to deepen your spiritual connection, so you start a meditation practice

You see, your “wants” are there to drive you toward growth and expansion in your life.

There’s nothing wrong with them.

They help inspire you to become more of who you “want” to be. Your wants bring new expe-riences into your world and help you create the life you “want” to be living.
Fully understanding the role of your wants and desires, and reframing your relationship with them, is sure to be a transformational experience.

See them as an inspiration.

Embrace them as guides to your purpose.

Honor them as your true calling.

Once you do this, you’ll start to realize that your wants and desires are there as a dangling carrot to inspire you to continue moving forward.

They are a gift.

Be mindful of wants and desires cloaked in fear. The ones that tell you that in order to be whole, complete and lovable you must have specific “stuff” and must look a certain way or have par-ticular abilities and talents…those aren’t the ones we’re talking about here.

You’ll best recognize your purest desires as the ones having to do with LOVE, JOY,


Those are the ones that will not lead you astray.

I promise!

Focus on them!

As you already know, what you focus on expands and grows, so focus on the good stuff. The love stuff. The real stuff.

Choose to nurture yourself by taking time to be with what you really want to manifest in your life.
Tap into your “True Self” and the purity of your deepest desires – at your core.

This is clearly an act of remembering who you really are and who you were born to be.
It’s all right there inside of you. Guiding you. Speaking to you. Telling you what you’re here to do, be, experience…it’s YOUR PURPOSE beckoning you with your wants and desires…

It’s really that simple.

And, it’s what our world needs you to do, like right now!

Own your wants!
Own your desires!
Own your power!
Own your wisdom!
Own your worthiness!
Own your magnificence!
Own your purpose!

It’s what you are here to do.

Plus, it is your divine birth right to have what you want, be what you want and live the life you want.

Now, doesn’t that make “want” a beautiful word?

Sounds like music to me!

Sing it! Bring it! Want it!

With fun, love and inspiration,