Ten Tips of How to Fall in Love with Yourself

What is it that makes us fall in love? I did a little research on the subject and found these to be some of the top reasons:

♥ Geographical Proximity
♥ Similarity in Attitude, Background + Personality
♥ Reciprocal Affection
♥ Mystery of the Person
♥ That Lovin’ Feelin’
♥ Plus, based on psychological studies, we all have an innate desire to expand beyond our-selves.

There may be some who view the concept of falling in love with yourself as odd or perhaps ego-tistical or selfish. I view it a bit differently.

Let’s just consider our desire to expand beyond ourselves. Wouldn’t improving the relationship with ourselves or ideally falling in love with ourselves be expanding beyond where we are right now?

I would say yes! Absolutely! So, now that we all agree on that, we can check that box and move on.

Let’s continue with the obvious, geographical proximity…check!

Similarity in attitude, background and personality…check! check! check!

In terms of reciprocal affection, imagine how your most favorite people in your life treat you. They listen to you, they see you, they remember your birthday + they tell you (OFTEN!) how wonderful you are. Now, it’s your turn!

Mystery and that ‘lovin’ feelin’’…we get that too! Continue reading below and prepare yourself to fall madly in love:

1 Treat yourself to a relaxing bath. Create the scene that you would create for someone you adore. Light a candle (or eight!), use your favorite essential oil or bubble bath, play soft music from your favorite genre (you know the one!) Relaaaaax and enjoy!

2 Gaze into your eyes. This technique works best in front of a mirror (haha) and often right after a calming bath, shower or massage. If there’s steam, wipe it off. Then lean in, take a deep breath, exhale and look deeply into your eyes. Continue playing soft music and really take the time to see yourself. Smile. Connect with yourself. Tell yourself “I love you” and any other words of adoration. This can be transformational. Allow it. Trust it. Enjoy it. And fall in love….

3 Buy yourself flowers. Yes, you! Your favorite blooms, and perhaps two bouquets so you can have one at your dinner table and one at your bed stand…to consistently remind you that you are special and loved…a lot!

4 Treat yourself to a massage. If you don’t receive regular massages, now is the time to start. You’re so much easier to love when you’re relaxed. If you already get massages, good for you! You get to add on that extra reflexology you’ve always wanted or get a 90 minute instead of the usual 60. Mmmmwah!

5 Write yourself a love note. Take a moment to write in your journal, in a card or on a piece of stationary. Write all the things you really love about yourself in true “love letter fashion”. Gush about the brave moments that you surprised yourself and for kicking that bad habit, sticking to that commitment or asking for that raise. Swoon over how you are with your children, friends, family, partner, clients or co-workers. Express your deep ap-preciation for how generously you give of your time, energy, spirit and love.

6 Write it in lipstick. In big, beautiful letters on your vanity mirror… I LOVE YOU! YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL! YOU ROCK MY WORLD! Or what ever you would love to read each time you switch on the light! You know just the thing to say – remember the hearts and extra explanation points!!!! And, if you’re slightly lipstick shy or simply fresh out (it’s okay guys!) A few lovely written sticky notes will do the trick!

7 Take yourself on a romantic date. And of course, if you have someone special, invite them along! Dress up. Get sexy. Go to your favorite restaurant. See your favorite show. Go dancing. Take a stroll in the park or down that quaint little street. Drive away from the city lights and have a picnic under the stars. Go wild and surprise yourself with your romance, creativity and chivalry.

8 Meditate. Scientific research has proven that regular mediation activates the same neu-rochemical mechanisms (the dopamine reward center) in our brains as does falling in love, eating chocolate and even sex. Viola! You’ve got that lovin’ feelin’!

9 Do that one thing. You know the thing you love so much or that thing you’ve been wanting to do FOR-like-EVER! I don’t know…YOU DO! So do it! You love it and you love yourself and so now is the time to just do it. Please!

10 Awaken the mystery. Take the time to explore your inner world. Finally read that com-pelling book or spiritual text that you’ve been putting off. Take that meditation class or self-realization workshop. Ask yourself questions about your deepest fears and desires. Journal. Find out more about your limitless Self. You are mysterious, you are a miracle and YOU ARE the LOVE you seek. It’s within you. It’s your life energy. Always has been. Always will be. Discover it. Awaken to it. Fall into it! L O V E!

In Realization of Limitless Self-Love,