“G” is for Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving! The one day of the year specifically dedicated to giving thanks.

Yay gratitude!

I’ve got an idea! How about we celebrate our deepest appreciation every day of the year!
Thanksgiving…what a perfect day to start!

So let’s do this! Let’s give thanks from the bottom of our hearts. Let’s reach deep and think of everyone and everything we have to be thankful for. Let’s continue by creating new, fun and ex-citing ways we can show our admiration!

Let’s get wildly grateful!

Here’s a little something I know for sure, as you choose to see life through the eyes of gratitude, foster “gratitude awareness” and adopt an Attitude of Gratitude, you will soon realize unlimited possibilities for love and miracles in your life.

While traveling in Indonesia, I was sincerely moved by the gratitude traditions of the Balinese people. They present offerings three times a day, expressing thanks for life and everything and everyone in it. The realization of unlimited possibilities, love and miracles is precisely my expe-rience of the Hindu community in Ubud, Bali. They were truly the most friendly, joyful, smiley, loving and respectful population I have ever come across.

They taught me that when you commit to having gratitude as your primary emotion, you’ll natu-rally encounter a profound shift in perspective. You’ll begin to see each daily occurrence as a gift from God — especially for you! You’ll start to experience your life as an extraordinary journey. You will witness beauty everywhere and allow your heart to remain open and look into the eyes of everyone you meet.

Got gratitude?

If you’re looking for some fresh ideas, I’ve listed a few ways you can boost the experience of gratitude in your own life…this Thanksgiving and beyond:

Express Your Gratitude: While sitting around the Thanksgiving table, inspire each person to openly declare what they’re most thankful for. Encourage them to highlight the most meaningful aspects of their life and notice their blessings – both big and small.
If you can’t be physically with your loved ones…call them! Let them hear the love in your voice. Sure, a sweet text message on Thanksgiving is lovely however, this is heart-felt gratitude we’re talking about!
Continue riding this wave of gratitude out into the world to include your barista, grocery clerk, hair stylist, etc. Take time to genuinely thank those who love and support you in their own spe-cial way.

Make it a habit to write thank you notes.

If in a partnership, before you fall asleep at night, take turns sharing everything you love and appreciate about one another. (Disclaimer: studies show that committing to this practice of ado-ration can be profoundly transformational ♥)

Keep a Gratitude Journal: At the end of each day, slow down and take inventory of everything you’re truly grateful for.

Count your blessings.

Take a moment to look around you to really receive your blessings – your loved ones, your favo-rite chair, your coffee cup, your pet, fresh drinking water, the pillows on your bed, your ability to read this.

Review your experience of the day — perhaps it’s a surprise call or message from a friend, a kind word from a loved one, unexpected assistance from a stranger, a sunny day, a smile or a complement. Open up and begin to recognize the little gifts … they’re everywhere!

Observe Daily Miracles: On Thanksgiving and always, be grateful for each and every feast, for every bite. Take time to bless your food and each soul that took part in making your bountiful nourishment available for you to enjoy.

Allow yourself to take in all the beauty and abundance surrounding you.

Be mindful of the breath filling your lungs and be thankful for the clean, clear oxygen that nou-rishes every cell in your body.

Notice nature; the singing birds, the towering trees, the sunset and the fresh breeze. Take it all in as a generous offering from God – the creator of our magnificent universe, just for you!

Be the Gratitude You Wish to See: Be the light in your life. Give graciously to everyone you meet; be it a smile, eye contact, a complement, a silent blessing or a warm greeting. The great-est gift you can give to anyone is your loving kindness. Know that when you live from a place of love and gratitude, everything good is drawn to you.

Keep Your Heart Open to Receive: Stay open to let in all the joy, love and gratitude around you. Allow yourself to fully experience the abundant gifts life is offering to you in each moment.

Laugh out loud.

Notice if you feel any resistance and let it go.

Trust that the more you receive, the more you have to give!

“G” is for Gratitude!

Give me what you’ve got…I would absolutely LOVE to hear your ideas for ways of wildly ex-pressing your gratitude!

Wishing you and your loved ones the happiest and grateful-est of Thanksgivings!

In loving appreciation and wild gratitude,