Is Want a Four-Letter Word

What do you want? I mean really really want? How do you feel about it?

Let’s take a moment to check in with that, shall we?

When you think about what you want, do you feel any sense of guilt?

Do you feel like you deserve it?

Do you feel like maybe you “shouldn’t” want or desire something? Or anything for that matter?

What is your relationship with your deepest desires?

If any of the inner responses mentioned above resonate with you, please allow me to shed a
fresh new light on the topic of desire…

Think about it, what drives you to move in your life?

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Is it a craving for a hearty breakfast or smoothie or hot caffeinated beverage?

Catching the sunrise, your favorite yoga class or even a refreshing shower?

Or you just want to pay your bills, so you get up to go to work.

Regardless, it’s often a “want” that get’s us out of bed.

Let’s take it a step further…

You “want” a better job, so you get an education or apply for a new position
You “want” to get into shape, so you start watching what you eat and begin an exercise program
You “want” to travel, so you save up your money and plan a trip
You “want” to deepen your spiritual connection, so you start a meditation practice

You see, your “wants” are there to drive you toward growth and expansion in your life.

There’s nothing wrong with them.

They help inspire you to become more of who you “want” to be. Your wants bring new expe-riences into your world and help you create the life you “want” to be living.
Fully understanding the role of your wants and desires, and reframing your relationship with them, is sure to be a transformational experience.

See them as an inspiration.

Embrace them as guides to your purpose.

Honor them as your true calling.

Once you do this, you’ll start to realize that your wants and desires are there as a dangling carrot to inspire you to continue moving forward.

They are a gift.

Be mindful of wants and desires cloaked in fear. The ones that tell you that in order to be whole, complete and lovable you must have specific “stuff” and must look a certain way or have par-ticular abilities and talents…those aren’t the ones we’re talking about here.

You’ll best recognize your purest desires as the ones having to do with LOVE, JOY,


Those are the ones that will not lead you astray.

I promise!

Focus on them!

As you already know, what you focus on expands and grows, so focus on the good stuff. The love stuff. The real stuff.

Choose to nurture yourself by taking time to be with what you really want to manifest in your life.
Tap into your “True Self” and the purity of your deepest desires – at your core.

This is clearly an act of remembering who you really are and who you were born to be.
It’s all right there inside of you. Guiding you. Speaking to you. Telling you what you’re here to do, be, experience…it’s YOUR PURPOSE beckoning you with your wants and desires…

It’s really that simple.

And, it’s what our world needs you to do, like right now!

Own your wants!
Own your desires!
Own your power!
Own your wisdom!
Own your worthiness!
Own your magnificence!
Own your purpose!

It’s what you are here to do.

Plus, it is your divine birth right to have what you want, be what you want and live the life you want.

Now, doesn’t that make “want” a beautiful word?

Sounds like music to me!

Sing it! Bring it! Want it!

With fun, love and inspiration,