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Customized One-on-One Coaching

Fall madly in love with yourself and your life!

As a transformational life coach, I am both blessed and honored to offer powerful one-on-one coaching to a few high-functioning, highly-committed individuals a year.

Personalized coaching is a truly life-changing experience, where together we uncover the deepest calling of your heart as you gain power and momentum by taking personal responsibility to live life fully and perform at your optimum.

In our work together you’re empowered to ignite your full potential and become an active participant in leading your life and work to the next level.

Together we will…

  • Gain clarity of your personal goals and the highest, ideal vision you hold for yourself and your life
  • Pinpoint and clear both apparent and hidden limiting beliefs and blocks that have been holding your dreams hostage and impeding your ability to transform your vision into reality
  • Establish a customized, strategic life plan that’s both tangible and inspiring
  • Actively brainstorm and support you in maintaining focus along the way
  • Identify your true purpose within the fulfilling, prosperous life calling you forward
  • Reveal the truth of who you really are

Throughout our work together, you will…

  • Experience increased self-awareness
  • Cultivate self-love mastery and gain trust in your own inner wisdom
  • Unlock your greatest potential
  • Develop life-long mind, body, spirit principles and practices to ensure lasting success and fulfillment
  • Increase your capacity for personal achievement, financial abundance, happiness and love
  • Realize your wildest dreams as signposts on your unique path to an exceptionally prosperous, purposeful way of being
  • Fall madly in love with yourself and your life

My mission is to assist you in leading a more conscious life, awaken to your true magnificence and reveal the limitless possibilities that already exist within you.

As your mindful, dedicated coach, I will…

  • Act as your enthusiastic partner and co-creator
  • Support you in showing up for yourself as you gain the strength and confidence
  • Ask thought-provoking, heart-opening and consciousness-expanding questions
  • Challenge your perceived limitations, conditioned patterning and viewpoints that no longer serve you
  • Encourage you to step courageously outside your comfort zone and increase your capacity for personal achievement, financial abundance, happiness and love
  • Acknowledge your accomplishments and hard work while holding you accountable and supporting you in taking inspired action in the manifestation of your desired outcomes

Spaces for one-on-one coaching are limited and available to exceptionally motivated individuals prepared to commit fully to up-leveling the quality of their lives. Sessions are done by phone, or in person if you live in the Los Angeles area.

Contact me directly with inquiries on personalized coaching packages or to set up a complementary 20-minute consultation to explore the experience of working together.

Self-Love Masterclass

Go from running on empty to fully living!

What if you committed to six weeks totally focused on your personal well-being, while taking ultimate care of yourself? I mean really taking the absolute best care of yourself –ever! What do you think would happen? Do you have any idea what might occur if you were to dedicate this much time and attention on each aspect of yourself – mind, body and spirit? You might ask, ‘How could I ever do such a thing? I have a crazy busy life as it is, where on earth will I find time to indulge in such a luxury?’ In this Self-Love Masterclass, you will learn how up-leveling your self-care doesn’t take additional time, it’s simply a higher-quality use of the time you already have. You will also discover the transformational effect that implementing self-love as a practice has on every facet of your life.

With your dedication and commitment to this simple yet powerful 6-week program, you will experience:

  • More authentic, satisfying relationships, with both yourself + others
  • Decreased stress + anxiety
  • Increased energy + vitality
  • Enhanced creativity, joy + abundance
  • A deeper spiritual connection
  • Greater compassion for yourself + others
  • Bettered clarity + connection to your true purpose

This Self-Love Masterclass is a online coaching group launching in Summer 2016 that includes:

  • Weekly Self-Love Focused Assignments
  • Easy-to-Implement Tools, Tips + Lifestyle Principles + Practices
  • Motivational Group Coaching Calls w/ Personalized Q+A Sessions
  • Guided Meditations
  • Inspiring Video Coaching Series
  • High-Powered, Love-Infused Recipes
  • And, SO MUCH MORE!

Join the Self-Love Masterclass waiting list now + stay tuned for more details to come!